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Sailing Experience

Whether you are an experienced sailor or setting foot on a yacht for the first time, Sunsail offers you a wide variety of options and destinations. From sailing vacations to sailing schools, racing to cruising, we have something for everybody, whatever your level. 

All of our products and courses have been allocated a Level with 'Level 0' aimed and those just getting into sailing, rising to 'Level 3' for the experts. Why not send in our Sailing Resume and we will immediately show you which levels, destinations and activites are best suited to you?    

  • Sailing Resume

    It is important to make sure that the products, courses or destinations that you choose are suited to your level of sailing ability. This will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience and really make the most of your time with us. After all, having fun is what it's all about! Complete our Sailing Resume to find out which Sunsail destinations, activities and courses best match your sailing level.
  • Experience Levels

    We have divided our products, destinations and courses up into 3 levels (plus No Experience) to make it easy for you to choose your best options. We have taken into account the wind strength, tidal range and currents, distances between stops and ease of mooring to rate them in order of difficulty. Of course, many of our very experienced customers still choose to sail in our Level 0 areas as they offer stunning scenery and great sailing!
  • Sailing Schools

    Sunsail's Sailing Schools give you the perfect opportunity to improve your skill levels whether looking to set out into the world of sailing, or to take your ASA exams. With countries increasingly asking for formal qualifications, it is becoming more necessary to be qualified, even if you have years of experience. With schools in the UK, Greece, British Virgin Islands, Thailand and Australia you don't need to compromise on location.
  • Hire a Skipper

    Whether you are a beginner or expert, having a Sunsail Skipper onboard will guarantee that you make the most of your chosen destination. With local knowledge of the best beaches, anchorages, bars and restaurants, you will see all the best parts and can relax, safe in the knowledge that you have a competent professional onboard. You can of course be as involved or laid back as you wish.