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You can take the sailor out of the sea...

...but you can't take the sea out of the sailor. Each sailor respects & reveres the sea in their own way. Here are the 5 types of sea-faring people you'll meet on your yacht charter vacation.

1) The local expert

Usually found teaching youngbloods how/where to sail

Whether it's a calm hideaway, or a raucous good time, these sailors know the perfect place for you. They also have the experience under their belt to help you become a better sailor if you're willing to listen.

2) The island-hopper

Usually found on the move...

Exploring every little nook and crannie of the islands is not a feat, it's a requirement. These sailors tackle adventure with a map full of pins for their itinerary.

3) The palm tree hibernator

Usually found...well, under a palm tree of course

Whether it's by swimming, kayaking, or paddle-boarding to the beach, these sailors have one thing on their mind. Relaxing under the shade on a beautiful beach.

4) The regatta racer

Usually found competing in our sponsored regattas

As fun-having as they are competitive, the regatta racer tests their mettle against the elements and their sea-faring brothers & sisters both on the water and at the local watering hole after the race.

5) The first-time sailor

Usually found learning the ropes

Either by taking sailing school classes to get certified to sail or by hiring a skipper, these folks have been known to have perpetual grins on their faces from truly experiencing the sea for the first-time.



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