Skippered Yacht Charter Vacations

Even if you’ve never sailed before you can still experience a sailing vacation:

  • Each Skipper is fully qualified and is an expert in their local sailing area
  • They’ll show you the hidden treasures of your chosen destination
  • Your Skipper will ensure your safety whilst at sea
  • You’ll pick up some basic sailing knowledge from your Skipper throughout your vacation


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A Skippered Yacht Charter is perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy sailing through crystal clear waters and discovering secluded beaches. The most difficult part will be choosing your destination!

From the thousand islands of Croatia’s Adriatic Coast, to the rich culture of Italy and the ancient history of Greece, it’s no wonder  the Mediterranean is a constant sailing favourite.

NEW - North America
Discover or re-discover San Francisco from the deck of your boat! This area is home to remarkable landscapes, rolling hills and magnificent architecture.

Experience a diverse range of cultures, spectacular scenery, colonial history and fantastic foods on every island. The protected waters, short hops and exhilarating blue water passages mean the Caribbean will suit all levels of sailor.

Explore Thailand and open up a world of adventure on the water. Sail through giant limestone islands, anchor off deserted beaches and moor up at tranquil fishing villages.

Immerse yourself in the timeless traditions of the local culture as you sail past stunning scenery and deserted beaches. Mix up quiet secluded nights with more lively party nights in developed towns.

This country of contrasts will enchant you with its kaleidoscope of different landscapes, colours, sights and experiences. Enjoy the spectacular marine life of the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands.