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Sailing Conditions

There are two main weather systems in The Balerics, either side of a line bisecting Mallorca northwest to southeast. The western side, including Ibiza and Formentera, is subject to the same weather system as nearby mainland Spain which is only 50 miles away.

  • With more than 300 days of sunshine every year, the Balearics are made for sailing
  • From March-June and September-October, the dominant Tramuntana winds come from the north
  • In the summer, warm breezes dominate the area around Ibiza and southern Mallorca
  • Menorca always experiences the western flow from the Gulf Lion
The dominant winds in Mallorca:
  • January - February: Usually calm
  • March - April:  Starting end of March, possibility of storms from the north-west .
  • May:  Variable and light winds.
  • June:  Variable and light winds.
  • July - August:  Sea winds. Mid-August: chance of storms.
  • September: Chance of rain. At the end of the month: light and warm winds.
  • October: Light winds from the west. You may have some days with stronger wind.
  • November/December:  In November, light wind and rain. Light wind in December.

You can expect a year round, dry sunny climate with some rain in April. Winds 5-15 knots, southeasterly in the western part of the cruising area and northwesterly in the eastern part of the cruising area.   The island enjoys a temperate, Mediterranean climate. The shoulder seasons (April-May and September-October) are perfect to get the best of the weather and to avoid summer crowds.

In the western cruising area, southeast winds generally prevail in the summer months. In the eastern cruising area, including Menorca, winds are generally from the north/northwest throughout the year. East Mallorca to Menorca northwest and Ibiza to west Mallorca east/southeast 5 to 15 knots (Force 1 to 3). The area enjoys a dry, mild climate year-round with some rain in April.      

There are two main weather systems in the Balearics either side of a line bisecting Majorca in a NNW- SSE line.

The western side of the line, which includes Ibiza and Formentera, is subject to the weather system on nearby mainland Spain (only 50 miles away). The wind directions are variable but in general in summer months SE winds prevail. Gales are rare in summer apart from mid-August when there will be a storm lasting 1 - 2 days, when the NW Tramontana/Mistral blows in the Gulf of Lyon. There is little rainfall in summer.

The eastern side of the line, including Menorca, is subject to the same weather system as the Gulf of Lyon to the north and lies in the direct path of the Tramontana/Mistral. Winds from the N-NW predominate throughout the year, bringing more rain but better visibility.

In all the islands a sea breeze will be experienced near the coast, which will be stronger where it funnels into a large bay. These breezes usually start at about 1000 increasing until 1400/1500 and dying away by 1700.

Weather forecasts can be obtained from the Sunsail Base in Palma and are posted in most marinas. There are regular weather forecasts broadcast on VHF channel 16 at 06:35, 09:35, 11:05, 14:35, 17:05 and 19:35 daily.