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Indian Ocean Yacht Charters & Sailing Vacations

The Indian Ocean is a treasure trove of picture perfect white-sand beaches, fringed by lush green palms, warm turquoise waters and colorful coral reefs teeming with tropical fish and aquatic life.

Resorts are a mixture of idyllic castaway islands and vibrant hot spots with a rich colonial heritage.

The sailing is superb, with balmy trade winds, open-water passages and island hops to beautiful coves and secluded bays; an Indian Ocean vacation is pure sailing indulgence.

  • Seychelles Sailing Vacations

    The Indian Ocean is without doubt one of the few remaining sailing destinations in the world that is  largely unaffected by mass tourism. A breathtaking paradise is barely sufficient to describe the porcelain white beaches, shimmering aquamarine waters and idyllic way of life associated with the Indian Ocean.

    Combine unbeatable diving, legendary game fishing and reefs of rainbow-colored fish with mouth-watering seafood and sophisticated cuisine drawn then you have a sailing vacation dreams are made of.


    • Diving and snorkeling
    • White sand beaches
    • Array of mouth watering cuisine
    • French colonial culture
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