Mayreau is the smallest inhabited island in the Grenadines, with a population of only three hundred.  If you were to picture the perfect Caribbean island, this would be it.  The waters are crystal clear and the sands white and sparkling. There are a few bars and restaurants dotted along the coast, enough to give you a choice of places to eat but not so many that you could ever say that Mayreau is over-crowded. 

The crescent-shaped Saltwhistle Bay, on the eastern side of the island, is beautiful and romantic. A night spent at the anchorage overlooking its sweeping sandy beach is one of the highlights of a Mayreau yacht charter.

From Saltwhistle Bay, walk up and over to Saline Bay on the south coast of the island, the location of Righteous Bob’s, one of the island’s most happening spots. Bob will sort you out with great seafood, live music, dancing and as many rum cocktails as you can handle.  A walk up the hill to Old Wall village at the top of the island will reward you with breathtaking views over Tobago Cays.



  • Anchor in the bay
  • The approach channel is narrow and there are reefs on either side
  • There is dinghy dockage at Saltwhistle Bay

Things to Do:

  • Take a walk
  • Chill out
  • Live Music and Dancing at Righteous Bob’s


  • Bars and restaurants
  • Small shops