Bequia, meaning ‘island of the clouds’, is one of the Grenadine Islands located to the south of St. Lucia. It is a stunningly beautiful island with a rich maritime history. Traditionally, the island’s inhabitants made their living from boat-building and whaling. The boat-building industry continues to this day and you can visit the workshops where model boat makers produce scaled down versions of the real thing. Boats ranging from the smallest one-man craft to the most lavish schooner are built on the beaches under the palm trees using simple tools. The launch of a new boat is always accompanied by a good party with the rum flowing, the music playing and dancing on the beach.

Port Elizabeth, the island’s main settlement, is located at Admiralty Bay on the west side of the island, a well-protected bay that makes for a good stop-over on a Bequia yacht charter. The town offers plenty to interest visiting charterers, with artisan shops and a huge variety of bars and restaurants. It’s worth changing out of your sailing clothes and dressing up for dinner at one the island’s fine dining restaurants. The Frangipani Hotel has a traditional Caribbean menu while the Auberge des Grenadines serves excellent lobster and seafood. The Devil’s Table at the Tradewinds Yacht Club has a range of menus at all price levels.  Onshore activities include hiking along the beaches and the hill trails of Mount Pleasant. Port Elizabeth has tennis courts available to visitors.

The Bequia Maritime Museum will be of interest to those with a curiosity about the maritime history of the region. The Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary will appeal to nature-lovers and the Devil’s Table dive site at the entrance to the bay is also worth exploring. Friendship Bay, located on the south-eastern side of Bequia, is another sheltered and secure anchorage with excellent snorkelling, scuba-diving and windsurfing. The beach is one of the best on the island. The Mosquito Beach Bar has terrific food and offers a warm welcome to visiting sailors.  



  • In Admiralty Bay, anchor near the cliffs at Tony Gibbons beach
  • The holding can be tricky
  • It’s five minutes from the dinghy dock at the Frangipani
  • Friendship Bay can be a bit bumpy for monohulls so a stern anchor is a good idea
  • There is dinghy dockage on the beach and a daytime anchorage at Petit Nevis

Things to Do:

  • Hike Mount Pleasant
  • Visit Bequia Maritime Museum


  • Bars and restaurants
  • Garbage collection
  • Wi-fi
  • Water
  • Provisions
  • Fuel